Holiday Gift Sale

Increase Your Holiday Sales!

Holiday Gift Sale

Gifts for under $100

Sale Runs Through January 15, 2021
Items will be added as they come in.

ANA members are invited to participate in our first online Holiday Gift Sale for art/craft items under $100. You can submit up to 6 items that you want to promote for holiday gifts. The items will be offered for sale on the Holiday Gift Sale page with images of the item, description, price, and a link to your email address. You can add additional items throughout the holiday ($12 per 6 items)

If you have prints to sell, jewelry, pottery, original art, or anything arts and/or crafts related for under $100, this is a perfect opportunity to encourage some holiday sales. The artist will be responsible for sales and shipping.


Each artist may submit six up to (6) items of art/crafts for the sale. Provide your name, artwork info, and the digital files and we’ll take it from there. There will be no deadline for entries and items will be added as they come in.


There will be a $12 set up fee per artist (NOTE: This is for up to 6 items included in the sale). You may add more items to the sale ($12 per 6 items). Limit is 18 items per member.

You can pay either by Venmo (payment app) or by check.

Mail Check:
Stan Dark
217 Perry Lane
Elkins, AR 72727
(Please reference your name on the form on your check)


  • Up to 6 digital images (initial items)
  • Images should be 72dpi, and no larger than 2.5 MB in size.
  • Image size @ 72 dpi will have its longest side at 1,024 pixels.
  • Images should accurately represent the actual artwork and/or item.


  • Submit your sale items on the new ANA website by clicking the “Holiday Gift Sale Entry” on the home page.
  • You will be prompted to enter the ACCESS CODE that you received in our membership email.
  • Fill out the Holiday Gift Sales form adding your name, email address where you can be contacted, and the sale item info.
  • Upload images from your computer by clicking on the black banner button at the bottom of the form.
  • Upload your files and click the SUBMIT button.

Your email address will allow shoppers to contact you directly for sales and or information about the sale items. You are responsible for sales and shipping.


Your email will allow interested viewers to contact you directly for sales and or information about the artwork. You are responsible for sales and shipping.


If you need a way to resize your images Picresize is a free online editor you can use. Set to screen resolution 1024 pixels as a JPEG and Best.


The Holiday Gifts Sale will be promoted through social media, press releases, and by each artist promoting the show to their own social networks. The promotion will begin on now.

If you are interested in participating, click here.

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