Directors, Officers & Committees

Board of Directors

Gary Johnson (Chairman of the Board)
Stan Dark
Terry Dushan
Gerald”Scout” Hatley
Evelyn Jorgenson
Melissa Milton
Yvonne Morton
Apryl Okoroafor
Victor Parkerson
Raymond Raphael
Annika Ringle
Kathleen Siegfried


President: Stan Dark
Vice President: Evelyn Jorgenson
Treasurer: Raymond Raphael
Recording Secretary: Annika Ringle

Committee Chairs

Membership Chair: Yvonne Morton
Email Push: Yvonne Morton
Program Chairwoman: Gerald “Scout” Hatley
Newsletter Editor: Stan Dark
Publicity/Communications Chair: (open)
Social Media: Melissa Milton
Website: Stan Dark
Regional Show Chair: (open)
Scholarship Chair: Ashleigh Davidson
Oil Workshop Chair: Judy Maurer
Watercolor Workshop Chair: Gary Johnson
Members Show: Rosie Floyd
Volunteer Coordinator: ​(open)
Plein Air Coordinator: Diane Stinebaugh
RegFox: Apryl Okoroafor
6×6 Show/Auction: Kathleen Siegfried

Organizational Positions & Volunteer Opportunities

ANA BOARD: chairperson, officers, and voting members (need not be artists)
OFFICERS: president, vice-president, treasurer, and secretary
VOTING MEMBERS: board chair, president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary, and committee chairs

NATIONAL SHOW, REGIONAL SHOW AND MEMBERS ONLY SHOW: show chair, sponsorship chair, publicity chair, refreshment chair for show reception, prospectus writer, check-in volunteers for turn in and take down of shows, volunteers to hang shows.

PUBLICITY: chair and volunteers to assist chair.

MEMBERSHIP: volunteers needed to help with welcoming new members and assembling and mailing annual membership roster.

MONTHLY ART EDUCATION MEETINGS: if you have an idea for a presentation, would like to be a presenter, or can assist presenter in setup for demos, please let us know.

6×6 SHOW/AUCTION: volunteers need for marketing, set up and event.

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are always needed for able bodied helpers with temporary tasks. If interested  in getting involved and give us a hand or one of the open positions above, please CONTACT US if you are interested in assisting.