Directors, Officers & Committees

Board of Directors

Justin Williams (Chairman of the Board)
Kinya Christian
Stan Dark
Ashleigh Davidson
Terry Dushan
Gary Johnson
Yvonne Morton
Lisa Nance
Apryl Okoroafor
Victor Parkerson


President: Stan Dark
Vice President: (open)
Treasurer: Gary Johnson
Recording Secretary: Annika Ringle

Committee Chairs

Membership Chair: Yvonne Morton
Email Push: Yvonne Morton
Program Chairwoman: Terry Dushan
Newsletter Editor: (open)
Publicity/Communications Chair: Kinya Christian
Social Media: Melissa Milton
Website: Stan Dark
Regional Show Chair: (open)
Scholarship Chair: Ashleigh Davidson
Past Sponsorship Chair: Kent Landrum
Oil Workshop Chair: Tim Tyler
Watercolor Workshop Chair: Gary Johnson
Art in the Park Chair: (open)
Members Show: Yvonne Morton
Volunteer Coordinator: ​(open)
Plein Air Coordinator: Diane Stinebaugh
RegFox: Apryl Okoroafor

Organizational Positions & Volunteer Opportunities

ANA BOARD: chairperson, officers, and voting members (need not be artists)
OFFICERS: president, vice-president, treasurer, and secretary
VOTING MEMBERS: board chair, president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary, and committee chairs

NATIONAL SHOW, REGIONAL SHOW AND MEMBERS ONLY SHOW: show chair, sponsorship chair, publicity chair, refreshment chair for show reception, prospectus writer, check-in volunteers for turn in and take down of shows, volunteers to hang shows.

PUBLICITY: chair and volunteers to assist chair.

MEMBERSHIP: membership chair, volunteers to help with welcoming new members and assembling and mailing annual membership roster.

MONTHLY ART EDUCATION MEETINGS: program chair and assistant to find locations, schedule artists and assist presenter in setup for demos, etc.

ART IN THE PARK EVENTS: chair and same needs as for national/regional shows.

DECEMBER ANA PARTY: chair, refreshment chair.

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are always needed for able bodied helpers with temporary tasks. If interested  in getting involved and give us a hand or one of the open positions above, please CONTACT US if you are interested in assisting.