Come Join the Creative Community of NWA

ANA offers the chance to become part of a community of artists who support one another while growing the visual arts in Northwest Arkansas. It’s your chance to get support from other artists, recognition from art lovers and collectors, and to have fun! We’d love to have you join us!

Benefits of ANA Membership

  • Be a part of a network of artists throughout the Northwest Arkansas region
  • Enjoy monthly educational opportunities
  • Have your own Artist Profile page on the website
  • Take advantage of opportunities to share your work and get feedback
  • Experience location art trips
  • Get access to professional workshops
  • Participate in member only shows at the ANA Gallery
  • Gain news and Information about local events and art events in NWA

How to Join ANA

It’s easy to join ANA. There are no qualifications necessary to join and you have two ways to pay.
Yearly dues are $35 for an individual, $40 for a family, and $15 for students with ID. All dues are due January 1 of each year.


Please fill out this online MEMBERSHIP FORM and send a check payable to:
Artists of Northwest Arkansas
P O Box 3268
Fayetteville, AR 72702


Click on the button below to fill in your information and pay with a credit card.

2023 ANA Membership

Click the alphabetical section below to see if you are a current member of ANA. If you can not find your name and you have your dues after 10/01/2022, please contact us at so we can check and update our records. If you haven’t paid this year and want to participate in the show and events this year – see How to Join ANA above. This list includes only individuals that have paid online.


Aclin, Mary Kay
Avenoso, Jae R.


Barber, Margaret
Barta, Kathleen
Bartlett Clark, Rose
Bass;er, Doug
Bolain, Corey
Booher, Rebecca
Borders, Janet
Borne, Scott
Brack, Joan
Brewer, Teri


Carpenter, Judy
Carpenter, Sonny
Carleton, Connie
Christenson, Becky
Clancy, Phyllis Marie
Collins, Mary Gayle
Correll, Margaret
Correll, William
Cooper, Carol Williams
Counce, Carol
Cox, Elizabeth
Crane, Bob
Creek, Turpentine
Cribbs, Tim


Daily, Mary Yvoone
Dark, Stan
Dastoor, Stacie
Dastoor, Rubin
Davis, Annessia
Davis, Marcia
Dey, Anupriya
Dickson, Tracy
Drumm, Jennifer
Dugger, Jillian
Durgan, Maxey
Dushan, Terry
Dyer-Johnson, ZaAnna


Edgmon, Susan
Edmondson, Annie
Elderidge, L.S.
Ellen, B.J.


Farish, Doug
Farrell, Karolyn
Ferris, Mark
Fawley, Ty
Fletcher, Karlena
Floyd, Rosie
Floyd,  Dave
Flickinger, Marcy
Fogleman, Barton
Foster, Laurie
Fowler, Scott
Foxx, CJ


Garner, Renee
Garner, Kim
Garnette, Mary Anne
Gavin, Peter
Gibson, Nancy
Gilmer, Beverly
Gilmer,  Bobby
Grau, Julie


Hadlock, Joseph
Haines, Virginia
Hanson, Donna
Harshbarger, Diana
Hart, Carol
Hatley, Gerald
Hawkins, Rachel
Heath, Marion
Hefley, Carla
Hill, Dana
Holcomb, Jessie
Hudson, Judy
Huckins, Marye Jones
Hunter Wade, Leona


Idlet, Susan


Johnson, Dana
Johnson, Jim
Johnson, Apryl
Jones, Aaron


Kaijo, Charlie
Keever, Amy
Kellar, Cheryl
Kellar, Brian
Kellett, Charlotte
Kelley, Joe Ray
Key, Marilyn
Kissee, Roseanne
Kissee, Rob
Kissee, Cluck
Kranz, Nadene


Laney, Brenda
Logan, Lois
Lovato, Rich


Maas, Jake
Maas, Julie
Maness, John
Mangold, Jim
Markus, Kathleen
Maurer, Judy
Molesso, Tim
Molina, Martha
Miller, Willis
Milton, Melissa
Molina, Martha
Moore, Denise
Morton, Yvonne
Morton, Billy
Mullenax, James


Nemec, Carla
Noland, Debbie


Padzuikas, Paul
Parkerson, Victor
Parry, Michael
Partin, Jan
Paxson, Andrew
Passmore, Amy
Pereira, Eloa Jane
Perkins, Tommi
Powers, Ann


Reel, Carol A
Ringle, Annika
Robins, Karen
Rochelle, Helene
Rogers, Ginette


Sagan, Denise
Sandler, John
Sandore, Audrey
Scott, Diana
Shearon, Diana
Sheets, Carol
Siegfried, Kathleen
Simmons, Alan
Smay, Jennifer
Smith, Timothy
Studer, Patricia
Sweeden, Pat
Sweet, Raymond M.


Talbert, Mary
Taylor, Robin
TenHaken, Jeremy
Tilman, Ronald
Tipton, Leslie
Torres, Miranda


Ulster, Warren


Vonholdt, Phyllis


Walker, Jenny
Walter, Carolyn
Weiss, Jennifer
White, Maria
Wiles, Holly D.
Williams, Dusti

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We would love to have you join in our creative community even if you are an artists in heart. We are all creative souls and look for ways to express ourselves in many ways.

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