Amy Eichler

Acrylic painter and artist Amy Eichler is inspired by colorful figures, animals, and anything with eyes and a personality. Her background in dance has influenced her work to emphasize expressive color, movement, and character of the living form. Most often incorporating an alla prima approach with a limited color palette of 3-5 paints, Amy pushes color in nature to their most saturated, richest hues and uses contrast and negative space to place emphasis on the subject of her paintings. Amy was born and raised in Northwest Arkansas where she currently operates as a full-time artist. Her offerings include original paintings, custom paintings (including pet paintings), canvas prints of her artwork, and animal/human portrait painting workshops for beginner to advanced artists. Her artwork can be found in galleries, retail shops, and various online stores including her website.


I am inspired by anything with eyes and a personality!


Amy Eichler