Aaron Jones

I identify as an expressive, tinkering, process artist. My work is a cauldron of experiences, interests, and inspirations. Because I work in a variety of media, genres and subject matter it’s difficult, for even me, to categorize my work. Completed compositions are the result of a curiosity or interest in a specific technique, medium, style, process and/or subject. I am drawn to the non-traditional and unorthodox. I pull inspiration from moralizing stories, spirituality of all cultures, history, scientific experiments, Gothic architecture and cinema (specifically classic horror and Sci-Fi films). My current works are assemblages, though I enjoy pen and ink, acrylic and watercolor. I collect objects such as bones, fragments of machinery, broken and orphaned pieces, and containers with character. I combine these objects to create something…else. Something with traces of its former purpose, but also with new connections to something original. The works are often inspired by an event, theme, memory or experience. My influences are Albert Pinkham Ryder, Henry Fuseli, H.R. Giger, Tom Savini, and Bert Long Jr.

“The task of the artist is to make the human being uncomfortable.

Lucian Freud


Aaron Jones