Carol C. Hart

I am an acrylic and mixed media artist. I love the painting process from that first kernel of an idea to the finished piece. I use bold bright colors, loose brush strokes, and vivid patterns to bring attention to the interplay of shapes, color, and texture. I frequently add collage elements, mark making, drawing or sewing on the canvas.

I paint figures, landscapes and abstracts. While my subject matter varies, my methods are consistent emphasizing an abstract approach striving to capture a feeling or emotion, or create a story. I enjoy exploring the push and pull of paint and collage in my abstract works. I will create layers upon layers of paint and collage until the balance, movement and complexity of the painting is achieved.


“Painting touches a part of me that nothing else does. When painting I don’t rethink things from the past or worry about the future. I don’t make list. The things I think about are on the canvas and are part of the process. I experiment, I strive to be brave. I paint in and I paint out.”


Carol C Hart

(479) 841-8268