Connie Carleton

My art form is in mixed media and my art is an expression celebrating the joy in nature and self-expression. I began drawing pictures and writing poems at the age of 8. I have studied art in school also self-taught. In 2000, I moved to the state of Nayarit, Mexico to continue my studies of art. I participated in many art shows. While living in San Poncho, Mexico, I continued my study at the Puerto Vallarta Cultural and Art Center for 18 months. This began my love for Mixed Media Art. I displayed my paper Mache art at the Galleria Flores in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I studied many forms of Mixed Media at the San Poncho, Mexico Cultural Center were I began to work on canvas. was one of the featured artists at the San Poncho Art Galleria. I continue to study and grow as an artist.


An empty canvas is a invitation to create.


Connie Carleton