Dana Hill

Dana enjoys painting in different mediums including acrylic, watercolor, pastels, pen and ink, collage, and a mixture of all of them. Most of her work has been in acrylics and abstracts but she believes there is something special about all art whether abstract or realism and she enjoys experimenting in both. Dana began painting about 10 years ago when an artist friend (Beverly McLarty*) asked her to join her in her studio. Beverly showed Dana the basics and Dana quickly found a love for losing herself – or finding herself – on the canvas (or paper or board or whatever she can find!). 

Although Dana does not have the experience of formal training, she is an avid life-long learner, researching, practicing, and always open to new ideas, new mediums, and experiencing art on her own terms.Her subjects change as her inspiration changes with the seasons or events. She believes her work is highly influenced by nature and the love for the earth and emotions and the spirit God brings to our daily lives as the Great Creator.

There is art in all of us. We just have to let it bubble up from the soul.


Dana Hill
28 Harlow Dr,
Bella Vista, AR 72715