Jacqueline M. Stoner

Busy with my family as well as with a career I enjoyed very much, I did not take up photography until sometime after I retired. But once I started, it was not long before I was spending countless hours learning all that I could about the art of photography, the complexities of cameras and lenses, and the software that was available to me. Soon, I jointed my first art group and began exhibiting my art in the local gallery where I lived. I later expanded to another gallery and other venues. I also exhibited at Silver Dollar City for a few years and enjoyed success there. My portfolio grew—ranging from landscapes to seascapes to birds and animals as my husband and I took long road trips over the years, crisscrossing the country and visiting many of our marvelous national parks. I have sold my work into many different states and even into Europe. About ten years ago, I started experimenting with digital art and created several abstracts and impressionistic images that have also sold well.

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Degas


Jacqueline M. Stoner
17 Primrose Lane
Bella Vista
, AR