Maggie Malloy

After a lengthy career in a field of high burnout, nonprofit management, my right brain had barely the room left for setting out of the field of art. Through workshops, many courses, five years flew by and never did I lose my enthusiasm while realizing “this is hard”! Instructors were many, gaining wisdom was the payoff. Now I’m into me 18th year.

My style varies and depends on the force in my life that day as I set out to begin a new piece. My pallet is mostly bold, hopefully beautiful. Ive completed over 350 pieces, have sold about 70%. Bolstered by travels, I utilize my photos as trusted references. It is easier to define my work with the exception of a portrait category. My hobby of diving offered great sea studies. To create a sheer look in underwater determines my selection of brushes and color. My favorite classes have been the mixing of color as well as the blank canvas minus a typical sketch. Only two of my instructors have required the later.



Maggie Malloy
2100 W New Hope Rd. #2404
Rogers, AR 72758