Robin Skochova

I grew up during the 1960s by the Pacific Ocean in Northern California playing in the sand, swimming and body surfing in the cold salty water. I often wandered through tide pools investigating sea life with its myriad range of colors and textures. Growing up with a mother that was an artist and activist there were always plenty of paint, clay, shells, beach glass and pine cones to experiment with. As a ceramic artist I enjoy the touch and fluidity of clay and glaze. forefront for me. I hand build and use the wheel with porcelain and stoneware. I work with porcelain for its delicacy, smoothness and strength. It gives me a light background to apply glaze like watercolor. I paint each piece using a variety of brush strokes to create colorful, aqueous design. My darker clay has a gritty slightly abrasive feel which gives me the opportunity to use glazes that overlap creating light and dark. My favorite tool, my hands.


Live As Art


Robin Skochova
603 N Vinson Ave
Fayetteville, AR 72701