Stan Dark

I’ve been on a creative path for over 45 years. I’m an enthusiastic, creative person who wears a lot of hats—including fine artist, illustrator, designer, writer, and educator. I returned to Northwest Arkansas from Baton Rouge, LA in 2018 to expand my art career.

I am a realistic artist who has transitioned into multiple styles of painting, exploring abstract ideas and themes. I’m an expressive and intuitive painter in oils, acrylics, watercolors, pencils, and ink. I love light, movement and color, and I push myself to find the right subject and style for my work while staying open to everything around me. I call myself a colorist. Everything is strong and bright, but there is a surrealistic twist to much of my work. My artistic voice continues to define itself with each piece that I do. The best part of being creative means not limiting myself as I explore what excites me.

To draw, to paint, to create. . . it’s like breathing to me. I’m driven to create. Everything around me has form and function and is an expression of the beauty and the majesty of the world. We are all part of a creative force. To be a minor creator in this world is a wonderful privilege! To have the opportunity to share my work, my vision, and to help others find that spark of creative expression within themselves—that is the calling that I accept.

Our imagination just needs space. It needs to breathe. We must free it, nurture it, but most importantly…share it.


Stan Dark
1392 S. Curtis Ave.
Pea Ridge, Arkansas 72751