Yvonne Dailey

I have always enjoyed any kind of artistic challenges starting in grade school. At that time, I had teachers that let us draw whatever we liked doing pencil drawings and later watercolors. In high school we sketched still life’s using pencil, charcoal, and ink. We did some silk-screening making posters, etc.

I had a Navaho friend that painted using tempera paints and later went with Acrylics. He allowed me to watch him off and on for three days. I learned so much from him in that short amount of time. It helped me to “see” better what I was attempting to draw and paint. Otherwise, I am SELF-TAUGHT through trial and error, always looking for new insight.

Today I look around the world and there are many subjects and thoughts to try and express on canvas. My goal is to tell a story or create an emotion of sorts from my paintings. I realize each individual that looks at my painting may come away with their own interpretation of what that piece is. We all learn from each other giving our viewpoints and I welcome that.

Everything has many facets, which brings me to what STYLE of art I do. DIVERSITY is my best description, SUBJECTS are ENDLESS! I will try most kinds of mediums but for now, I do enjoy ACRYLICS the most. I am considering trying water miscible oils.

I paint all subjects…people, landscapes, and animals mostly realistically and others with a hint of surrealism or impressionism thrown in. It’s all fun, our artistic license can take us anywhere. I always hope to create just what someone needs to make them a little happier and in turn that makes my world turn a little sweeter.

Being “normal” is vastly overrated! Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.


Yvonne Dailey

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