Laurie Goldstein-Warren, TWSA, Whs, NWWS-GMF

Carol Cooper Expressive Watercolor

Carol Cooper Expressive Watercolor

Carol Cooper Watercolor WorkshopThis will be a fun exploration of a variety of watercolor techniques and styles.  There will be a focus on texture, color, and composition. We will be working from loose realism to abstraction.  Many surprises!  Each project will...

Gary Johnson Abstract Workshop

Gary Johnson Abstract Workshop

Gary Johnson Abstract Watercolor WorkshopIf you’ve wanted to take an Abstract watercolor workshop now’s the time!The ANA is sponsoring Gary to teach his workshop at the ANA/Rogers Experimental House. My workshop will be for intermediate to advanced watercolor painters...

Laurie Goldstein Warren

Laurie Goldstein Warren

Laurie Goldstein-Warren
Watercolor Workshop
Dates: Monday, July 17 through Thursday, July 20.
Location: The ANA Gallery@RXH – 121 W. Walnut St, Rogers, AR
Times: 9:30 to 4:00PM
Cost: $300 for ANA members and $350 for non-members.

Workshop Materials List

Each student will need to bring the following materials:

Paint colors:

  • Quinacridone Gold – Daniel Smith or similar gold
  • Watercolors Quinacridone Rose – Daniel Smith or similar rose
  • Cobalt Blue – Winsor & Newton or Daniel Smith
  • Antwerp Blue – Winsor & Newton
  • Lamp Black – Winsor & Newton


  • 2”or 3” Hake Brush
  • #12 Round
  • 1 ½” Flat Brush
  • #8 Round with good point tip
  • a stiff bristle ¼” or ½” flat brush
  • Old toothbrush
  • Masking Brush


  • Adjustable nozzle Spray Bottle – Make sure you can adjust spray to get big drops as well as a fine mist.
  • Butcher Tray Palette (I use an 11” X 15”) We will be using BIG brushes. Water Bucket
  • Hair dryer
  • Backing Board/Gator Board (large enough for a 1/2 sheet) We will be painting 1/2 sheets 22” X 15”. I do not use a board, but for those who are more comfortable using one, bring one.
  • Tape rolls or something to raise your board at least 2”.
  • Mouth Atomizer This will be used to tone areas and add texture to our street. Also bring a shallow jar (about the size of a cold cream jar to mix your paint for atomizing. There are cheap options on Amazon or you can probably find something at your local Dollar store. One with a lid is ideal.
  • Masking Fluid (I use Pebeo drawing gum) It can be dried with a hair dryer and lifts easily from your paper.
  • 1” Masking tape
  • Towels and Kleenex tissue
  • Watercolor Paper (I always use Fabriano Artistico bright white 140 lb.) It has the greatest “lifting” capability than any other paper I’ve tried. If you don’t have it, bring a good quality 140 lb. watercolor paper. Bring 2-3 sheets.
  • Pencils (HB or #2 hardness)
  • A good soft eraser
  • Transfer paper (wax-free) Can be found at A.C. Moore or through most art supply outlets on the internet. This can be shared between students/each sheet can be used several times. I get mine from Dick Blick – Sally’s wax free Graphite Paper (if you have already transferred your sketch prior to class, you do not need to bring this)

For this workshop, I will be furnishing ½ sheet sketches for those who are not comfortable drawing city scenes. If you prefer, you can prepare a cityscape of your choosing. We will be painting a night scene.

Bring any photos you may want to work on in the future if you would like to discuss composition ideas for that painting. The last day of class, bring in a painting you’ve worked on to discuss how this approach might improve it or just if you would like to receive some input on your work.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Contact Gary Johnson at: if interested in attending this fantastic workshop on Cityscapes from a truly great artist we were lucky enough to engage for our ANA group of watercolorists. All levels of participants are welcome.