Beginning Watercolor Class

May 20, 2023

12:00 Noon – 4:00 pm


ANA Gallery @ Rogers Experimental House
121 W. Walnut Street
Rogers, AR 72756

Offer an introductory to transparent watercolor painting, focusing on fundamental techniques, skill development, and material characteristics and manipulation to enable students to create gratifying images of an expressive nature from a limited pallete.

COURSE SUPPLY LIST (student provide)

SPECIAL NOTE CONCERNING MATERIALS: Materials available for watercolor artistry vary immensely in quality and durability. While attempting to keep the expense of materials down to a reasonable level for a beginning watercolorist, consideration must be given to the artists’ satisfaction with the finished compositions created. Therefore, “brand names” are provided in order to ensure quality and durability of a satisfactory level. Because the ultimate finished artwork could suffer from the use of inferior grade materials, these “brand names” are suggested but NOT required. Each student should decide for themselves as to the quality versus expense requirement for their own painting. Cost is duly considered herein where possible. These are suggested minimums. Upgraded materials are acceptable, of course.

1 – 9X12 binder (12 sheets; preferably spiral bound) of 140 lb test cold press watercolor paper.
1 – small plastic watercolor pallete (an old dinner plate can substitute)
1 – small “natural” sponge
1 – glass, ceramic or metal cup
Several sheets of paper towels

Pigments: Daniel Smith, Windsor-Newton or Grumbacher professional grade paints
1 – 0.17 oz tube of Prussian Blue (Pthalo Blue is a suitable substitute)
1 – 0.17 oz tube of Cadmium Red Medium ( Vermillion is a suitable substitute)
1 – 0.17 oz tube of Cadmium Yellow Medium (New Gamboge is a suitable substitute)
1 – 0.17 oz tube of Burnt Umber (VanDyke Brown is a suitable substitute)

Brushes: Synthetic is acceptable (Natural hair brushes are better)
1 – 1″ Flat Watercolor Brush (a Filbert is a suitable substitute)
1 – #6 Round watercolor Brush
1 – #3 Round watercolor Brush

*If you already have a “set” of watercolors, bring what you have and we’ll work with them to reduce your expenses. But, be aware that the final product may prove to be less than satisfying. Quality paint is notably better to work with and produces a better end product.


Gerald Hatley Watercolor Class


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Gerald “Scout” Hatley

Gerald Hatley is a watercolor painter who creates gentle, yet captivating landscapes that are characterized by a distinctive palette and style that is both realistic and impressionistic. Inspired by the natural world surrounding him, he wants viewers to feel the beauty and the complexity captured in his paintings. Gerald says that art has been an integral force in his life, which led him to earn a degree in art. Retirement from a business career has afforded him time to pursue what he considers his true calling