Preparing to Hang in the Gallery

Stan Dark – Presenter
August 19, 2021
1 pm – 3 pm
ANA Gallery @ RXH (common area)
Snacks and drinks provided

Getting ready to hang your artwork is pretty simple. Just add a wire across the back of the piece and it’s ready to hang.

That’s basically correct but it doesn’t mean you’re ready to hang in a Gallery. Since opening the ANA Gallery in April we’ve had to learn a lot about how to hang artwork with a gallery hanging system. We don’t nail picture hangers in the wall. Instead, we invested in the proper way to hang art work in the gallery – a hanging system. We did this several years ago when we had the National Exhibit at the Fayetteville Town Center. So, we’ve carried it over into the ANA Gallery.

In the presentation Stan will actually install the wiring on the back of some pieces so you can see how to best prepare your work. It will be an open discussion on how to work with a hanging system and show some of the issues we face when hanging shows. Just come and learn a bit and get ready for the September show.